Vocational training in Ceramics

The House of Earth Pays de Dieulefit exemption, since 1997, a vocational training in ceramics.

This training is for anyone, ceramic or not, already have a good knowledge of the “ground material”. The applicant must also carry a professional project related to one of the trades of ceramics: potter, sculptor, decorator, mosaic, ancient coins restorer, gallery or workshop presenter, etc.

Intended to put students in a position to drive out the realization of their project, this training is a ten-month full-time from September to June It is held alternately in the House of Earth and workshops professionals.

Depending on the status of trainees (unemployed, training leave, etc.), the training can be subsidized by the Rhône-Alpes Regional Council with support from the European Social Fund or be supported by authorized agencies. The Chambre Syndicale of ceramists and Ateliers d’Art de France brings additional financial support.

formationThe training is organized around each project, whose development is accompanied by the team of the House of Earth and by the Training Office. The latter, professional ceramic, is responsible for deepening the project with the student advising and directing to host workshops where they can experiment with the techniques he needs. This course accompanied enables students to build a network, to get to know the mid potters to live the life of a workshop and become aware of the realities of this business.

The periods spent at the House of Earth are dedicated to interventions from the core of the training. The main topics are: drawing, art history, project methodology creative arts, sculpture, plaster molding, shaping, turning, glazing, decoration, cooking, geology , etc. The speakers are recognized professionals in the discipline they teach.

Each applicant for this training must provide the House of Earth a folder to a selection committee. Successful candidates are presented to the jury for an interview about their motivations and the relevance of their professional project, for final admission. The number of trainees is limited to ten per session.

The vocational training in ceramics is validated by a certificate of competence issued by a jury made up of various partners in the House of Earth. The jury decides on the feasibility and viability of the project and each of the techniques acquired during the training, reading of the year-end and memory in an interview in which the student presents his career and achievements.

Moreover, the training ends with an exhibition of the work of interns. It is intended to present the representative pieces of the evolution of the work of each.

In addition to this general training and under training organization registered with the Prefecture of the Rhône-Alpes Region, the House of Earth organizes specific training modules that can be a convention and be taken supported under the vocational training by employers or training insurance fund.

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